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  1. Motorola’s “Satellite Link” hotspot lets you send messages via outer space

    Following the announcement in February, the $150 device is available today.

  2. 30 years later, Myst demake for Atari 2600 reminds us how far we’ve come

    Unofficial Myst port for 8-bit Atari 2600 gives the '90s adventure a '70s makeover.

  3. Windows 11’s AI-powered Copilot (and its Bing-powered ads) enters public preview

    Also includes Settings app changes, wider support for compressed file formats.

  4. Speed matters: How Ethernet went from 3Mbps to 100Gbps… and beyond

    One of the biggest computing inventions of all time, courtesy of Xerox PARC.

  5. Google reportedly gives up on making AR glasses—for the third time

    Project Iris said to be scrapped as Google focuses on AR software.

  6. Sharpie scanning goof reveals major PlayStation budgets and revenues

    It's not a good week for gaming companies trying to submit sensitive data.

  7. After merger with Google Maps division, Waze gets hit with layoffs

    Waze, no longer independent at Google, continues its merger with the Geo division.

  8. Guidemaster: Track your health without ditching your mechanical watch

    There are options for tracking your health without removing your stylish watch.

  9. Devs find that Vision Pro can’t do true room-scale VR, but that’s no surprise

    Opinion: Safety features limit Vision Pro for VR—but VR isn't its purpose.

  10. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 11 review: Two steps forward, one step back

    New Gen 11 model fixes the worst of Gen 10's flaws, but not without compromises.

  11. GeForce RTX 4060 review: Not thrilling, but a super-efficient $299 workhorse

    60-class GPUs are Nvidia's most popular; the 4060 don't fix what ain't broke.

  12. YouTube “Playables” could bring Facebook-style casual games to YouTube

    YouTube's demands for eternal growth could mean branching out into casual games.

  1. Protests broke Reddit hack for useful Google search results—and Google knows it

    Search term + Reddit = John Oliver?

  2. The Linux coders turning the ROG Ally and other handhelds into Steam Deck clones

    It's not an easy process, but it's getting close to a nearly full SteamOS feel.

  3. Person who made the Windows 3.1 port of Wordle is back with a ChatGPT client

    Developer has ported modern SSL/TLS libraries to Windows 3.1 to get it working.

  4. RIP to my Pixel Fold: Dead after four days

    The closed display halves almost touch, and that can smash debris into the screen.

  5. Meta debuts PlayStation Plus-like Quest+ subscription

    Oddly, it won't offer subscribers access to an established library.

  6. Employee finds SSD stolen last year from corporate data center for sale on eBay

    How can third-party marketplaces prevent stolen goods from being listed?

  7. “Stunning”—Midjourney update wows AI artists with camera-like feature

    Midjourney v5.2 features camera-like zoom control over framing, more realism.

  8. Android’s emergency call shortcut is flooding dispatchers with false calls

    Google says it's working on a fix, but as usual, manufacturers will need to update.

  9. Windows 11 preview adds better passkey support, rolls back File Explorer changes

    User pushback deters Microsoft from even tiny changes to ancient Windows menus.

  10. A threat to portable monitors everywhere: Lenovo Yoga Book 9i review

    Multitasking on a 13-inch laptop is much easier with 26.6 inches of screen.

  11. Apple fixes 0-day kernel and WebKit security flaws in iOS, macOS, watchOS, and more

    One of the bugs is a serious kernel-level security flaw.

  12. DuckDuckGo browser beta for Windows bakes in a lot of privacy tools

    No extensions yet, but it can fight spam, tracking, and YouTube's algorithm.

  1. Apple releases visionOS SDK to developers and details testing process

    Dev kits, in-person labs, and more will enable developing for unreleased gear.

  2. After porn-y protest, Reddit ousted mods; replacing them isn’t simple

    Replacement volunteers have big shoes to fill.

  3. Get your first look at the OnePlus V Fold, thanks to render leaks

    We were expecting an Oppo-style foldable, but this looks like a Samsung phone.

  4. Camera review site DPReview finds a buyer, avoids shutdown by Amazon

    Amazon layoffs were supposed to shut down the 25-year-old site back in April.

  5. Google’s $200 metal Pixel Watch band is very premium, very expensive

    Google chips away at the Pixel Watch's lack of band styles.

  6. Purely AI-generated songs declared ineligible for Grammy Awards

    "A work that contains no human authorship is not eligible in any categories."

  7. EU wants “readily removable” batteries in devices soon—but what does that mean?

    Should you have to melt glue? Which tools do you need? What about pricing?

  8. Apple’s self-service repairs no longer require a call to Apple when you’re done

    System Config tool handles post-repair processes that trip up third-party kits.

  9. Submarine missing near Titanic used a $30 Logitech gamepad for steering

    While rescuers fear for OceanGate crew, Logitech F710 PC gamepad sells out within minutes.

  10. Valve gives Steam its biggest update and redesign in years

    It's a night-and-day difference for macOS and Linux users.

  11. Windows 11 beta fixes major taskbar gripe, removes old File Explorer settings

    New build also (sort of) removes OS-level Microsoft Teams integration.

  12. Google Domains is yet another useful service to get the ax in favor of “focus”“

    Transition is automatic, but Squarespace honoring renewal fees for only 1 year.