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  1. 30 years later, Myst demake for Atari 2600 reminds us how far we’ve come

    Unofficial Myst port for 8-bit Atari 2600 gives the '90s adventure a '70s makeover.

  2. Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor will mine hours of auto-shooting joy from your life

    This Vampire-like converted a skeptic, even in its closed early-access form.

  3. Developer claims Steam is rejecting games with AI-generated artwork

    Valve cites unclear legal status, copyrighted training data in rejection message.

  4. Sharpie scanning goof reveals major PlayStation budgets and revenues

    It's not a good week for gaming companies trying to submit sensitive data.

  5. The Password Game will make you want to break your keyboard in the best way

    Creator offers a glimpse into how he made this fun, infuriating "Mess of RegEx."

  6. Nintendo offers vague answers on backward compatibility for “Switch 2”

    Reading the tea leaves on what could be a key feature for Nintendo's future.

  7. GeForce RTX 4060 review: Not thrilling, but a super-efficient $299 workhorse

    60-class GPUs are Nvidia's most popular; the 4060 don't fix what ain't broke.

  8. The Linux coders turning the ROG Ally and other handhelds into Steam Deck clones

    It's not an easy process, but it's getting close to a nearly full SteamOS feel.

  9. Bethesda exec was “confused” over double standard for multi-console Call of Duty

    CoD policy was "the opposite" of what Bethesda was "told to do... What's the difference?"

  10. Meta debuts PlayStation Plus-like Quest+ subscription

    Oddly, it won't offer subscribers access to an established library.

  11. Worries over Starfield “skipping Xbox” helped push Microsoft to buy Bethesda

    Spencer says PS5 exclusives like Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo spooked Xbox maker.

  12. Private email shows PlayStation chief unworried about Xbox-exclusive Call of Duty

    In FTC trial, Microsoft also downplays cloud gaming as "stuttering... tiny... niche."

  1. FTC: Xbox-exclusive Starfield is “powerful evidence” against Activision deal

    "Microsoft's actions following... acquisition of ZeniMax speak louder than... words."

  2. New 2D Super Mario Bros. Wonder, RPG remake lead Nintendo Direct reveals

    Metal Gear, Batman Arkham series also get Switch releases this fall.

  3. Beyond missing Titanic sub, handheld gamepads are a common military interface

    US Army, NASA, and more piggyback off years of familiar game controller design.

  4. Submarine missing near Titanic used a $30 Logitech gamepad for steering

    While rescuers fear for OceanGate crew, Logitech F710 PC gamepad sells out within minutes.

  5. 50 Years of Text Games parses the rich history of a foundational genre

    Zork and MUD? Sure. But also Universal Paperclips, AI Dungeon, and Lifeline.

  6. The sleeper hits of Summer Game Fest 2023

    Games about time travel, foam spraying guns, and... space hospitals?

  7. Valve gives Steam its biggest update and redesign in years

    It's a night-and-day difference for macOS and Linux users.

  8. One-person company that makes League of Legends stat tool gets $55M buyout

    A website, a plug-in, an API, and an endlessly stat-hungry audience.

  9. Federal judge temporarily blocks Microsoft/Activision deal

    Restraining order "maintain[s] the status quo" as FTC's case moves forward.

  10. Alan Wake II preview: A waking nightmare

    Are you afraid of the dark?

  11. For reasons no one can fathom, McDonald’s has released a new Game Boy Color game

    Krool Toys regularly develops new games for Nintendo's 25-year-old handheld.

  12. A company called Atari is releasing a brand-new 2600 cartridge this year

    Today's Atari could hardly have less to do with the one that released the VCS.

  1. Microsoft promises Starfield has “fewest bugs” of any Bethesda game

    Xbox exec: "Every QA person in our... company [is] playing Starfield right now."

  2. Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert “wasn’t even told” about Sea of Thieves DLC

    Disney owns the LucasArts catalog, and Disney only calls you if it needs to.

  3. FTC files to block Microsoft’s $69B Activision Blizzard acquisition [Updated]

    The injunction could disrupt the deal as its mid-July deadline approaches.

  4. Microsoft’s GeForce Now Game Pass offering is aimed straight at UK regulators

    UK regulators were concerned about cloud gaming. Is this a useful concession?

  5. Microsoft announces new $350 1TB Carbon Black Xbox Series S

    "Carbon Black" edition will launch worldwide on September 1.

  6. Bethesda’s “Starfield Direct” shows off a massive, galactic-scale space RPG

    A deep dive on "over 1,000 planets'" worth of open-world exploration.

  7. One man’s nearly 40-year, 8-bit quest to finish his teenage Commodore 64 RPG

    Disks and tapes are fallible, so it's back to assembly code and pencil notes.

  8. Call of Duty removes “NickMercs” skin following FaZe Clan star’s LGBTQ tweet

    Move highlights reputational risk of in-game promos linked to real-world players.

  9. Twitch reverses overlaid stream sponsor ban after mass creator backlash [Updated]

    "I've never seen creators so pissed," one industry watcher said of the furor.

  10. Xbox COPPA violations cost Microsoft $20 million in FTC settlement

    Complaint: MS didn't notify parents until children's info was already collected.

  11. What to make of Apple’s intriguing $3,499 Vision Pro headset

    Some instant analysis of Apple's boldest product experiment in years.

  12. New DirectX 12-to-Metal translation could bring a world of Windows games to macOS

    CrossOver announces early, case-by-case support for Windows' current gaming API.