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  1. Trend or aberration? Russia is launching foreign satellites again

    Major space industry players are still keeping Russia at arm's length.

  2. The Linux coders turning the ROG Ally and other handhelds into Steam Deck clones

    It's not an easy process, but it's getting close to a nearly full SteamOS feel.

  3. Malaria spreading in Texas and Florida; first US-based cases in two decades

    Despite cases in Texas and Florida, the overall risk is considered "extremely low."

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  1. Tesla on Autopilot crashed into stopped truck during highway lane closure

    Tesla hit truck that was providing traffic control for a highway lane closure.

  2. Twitter gets buggier: Followers don’t display, users restricted in error

    Twitter looking into a bug restricting some users from liking and retweeting.

  3. EV startup Lordstown Motors files for bankruptcy protection

    Struggling company accuses Taiwanese group Foxconn of reneging on commitments.

  4. Bethesda exec was “confused” over double standard for multi-console Call of Duty

    CoD policy was "the opposite" of what Bethesda was "told to do... What's the difference?"

  5. The one-shot drug that keeps on dosing

    What if a single shot lasted for months?

  6. Prominent cryptocurrency exchange infected with previously unseen Mac malware

    It's not yet clear how the full-featured JokerSpy backdoor gets installed.

  7. SpaceX making more than 1,000 changes to next Starship rocket

    "Hot staging" and engine upgrade to debut on SpaceX's next Starship test flight.

  8. World’s largest predatory shark had elevated body temperature

    A warmer body would have made for a faster shark.

  9. The tiniest hitchhikers: Nematodes leap onto bumblebees via electric fields

    Worms lept at an average speed of 0.86 meters per second, close to human walking speed.

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  1. Couple develops rare disease after beetles eating their furniture get mites

    When your pests have pests, you're in for a bad—and very itchy—time.

  2. US allocates $42B in broadband funding—find out how much your state will get

    Texas and California lead way as 19 states will get at least $1 billion each.

  3. Supreme Court rejects Genius lawsuit claiming Google stole song lyrics

    SCOTUS won't overturn ruling that US copyright law preempts Genius' claim.

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  1. Person who made the Windows 3.1 port of Wordle is back with a ChatGPT client

    Developer has ported modern SSL/TLS libraries to Windows 3.1 to get it working.

  2. RIP to my Pixel Fold: Dead after four days

    The closed display halves almost touch, and that can smash debris into the screen.

  3. Meta debuts PlayStation Plus-like Quest+ subscription

    Oddly, it won't offer subscribers access to an established library.

  4. Dealmaster: Early Amazon Prime Day 2023 deals and more

    Shop early and save big on these early Amazon Prime Day 2023 deals

  5. How do you destroy a forever chemical?

    3M offers $10.3 billion settlement over PFAS contamination in water systems. What's next?

  6. Worries over Starfield “skipping Xbox” helped push Microsoft to buy Bethesda

    Spencer says PS5 exclusives like Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo spooked Xbox maker.

  1. Lucid will supply Aston Martin with leading-edge electric powertrains

    The $450 million deal should see the next Aston Martin EV arrive in 2025.

  2. Context is everything: Why key developments often sit unused

    The book Sleeping Beauties looks at everything—biology, skills, ideas—that lies latent.

  3. It’s summer and that means disturbing swim advisories. Here’s our top 5

    Behold the most nauseating and mesmerizing swim advisories floating around.

  4. Employee finds SSD stolen last year from corporate data center for sale on eBay

    How can third-party marketplaces prevent stolen goods from being listed?

  5. X-ray “light echoes” hint at outburst from Milky Way’s central black hole

    The supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy hasn't always been quiet.

  6. “Stunning”—Midjourney update wows AI artists with camera-like feature

    Midjourney v5.2 features camera-like zoom control over framing, more realism.

  7. Android’s emergency call shortcut is flooding dispatchers with false calls

    Google says it's working on a fix, but as usual, manufacturers will need to update.