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  1. Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor will mine hours of auto-shooting joy from your life

    This Vampire-like converted a skeptic, even in its closed early-access form.

  2. Windows 11’s AI-powered Copilot (and its Bing-powered ads) enters public preview

    Also includes Settings app changes, wider support for compressed file formats.

  3. Dealmaster: Black Friday in July, pre-Prime Day sales, and a farewell to Star Trek: Prodigy

    Save on laptops, tools, Apple products, and Star Trek merchandise.

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  1. FTC prepares “the big one,” a major lawsuit targeting Amazon’s core business

    Amazon to be accused of punishing sellers who don't use its fulfillment services.

  2. Op-ed: Why the great #TwitterMigration didn’t quite pan out

    The flight from Musk's Twitter to the "free" fediverse never really took off.

  3. Branson’s Virgin Galactic flies its first commercial mission

    It hasn't been an easy road for Virgin Galactic, and more hurdles are ahead.

  4. Developer claims Steam is rejecting games with AI-generated artwork

    Valve cites unclear legal status, copyrighted training data in rejection message.

  5. Linda Yaccarino’s vision for Twitter 2.0 emerges

    Staff should be ready for "hand-to-hand combat" as company preps new ad offering.

  6. Speed matters: How Ethernet went from 3Mbps to 100Gbps… and beyond

    One of the biggest computing inventions of all time, courtesy of Xerox PARC.

  7. US public wants climate change dealt with, but doesn’t like the options

    People want both action and to keep using fossil fuels.

  8. Brave aims to curb practice of websites that port scan visitors

    Brave will allow users to choose which sites can access local network resources.

  9. NANOGrav hears “hum” of gravitational wave background, louder than expected

    Exotic stars called millisecond pulsars serve as celestial metronomes.

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  1. Medical waste company sues health system over hidden human torso

    The suit also alleges deceit, staged photos, and hidden hazardous waste.

  2. Google reportedly gives up on making AR glasses—for the third time

    Project Iris said to be scrapped as Google focuses on AR software.

  3. Sharpie scanning goof reveals major PlayStation budgets and revenues

    It's not a good week for gaming companies trying to submit sensitive data.

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  1. After merger with Google Maps division, Waze gets hit with layoffs

    Waze, no longer independent at Google, continues its merger with the Geo division.

  2. TikTok finally admits to funding users’ lawsuit against Montana ban

    In Montana, TikTok follows the same playbook that beat Trump's ban.

  3. F1 battery tech features in Mercedes-AMG’s new S 63 plug-in hybrid

    Mercedes offers two S-Class PHEVs, and this is the one for going fast.

  4. Apple criticizes UK bill that could require scanning of encrypted messages

    UK gov't defends bill: Tech firms must "prevent abhorrent child sexual abuse."

  5. ULA shipping Vulcan upper stage back to factory for more work

    ULA's Vulcan rocket is likely at least a year away from becoming operational.

  6. Planet that shouldn’t exist found

    Why is a planet orbiting a star that should have gone through a giant phase?

  1. Guidemaster: Track your health without ditching your mechanical watch

    There are options for tracking your health without removing your stylish watch.

  2. Cyberstalkers shielded by SCOTUS ruling on speech and online threats

    Victims must prove cyberstalkers recklessly disregarded harms of online threats.

  3. Devs find that Vision Pro can’t do true room-scale VR, but that’s no surprise

    Opinion: Safety features limit Vision Pro for VR—but VR isn't its purpose.

  4. Cuttlefish camouflage gets complicated

    They receive constant feedback about their skin pattern and adjust camouflage accordingly.

  5. The Password Game will make you want to break your keyboard in the best way

    Creator offers a glimpse into how he made this fun, infuriating "Mess of RegEx."

  6. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 11 review: Two steps forward, one step back

    New Gen 11 model fixes the worst of Gen 10's flaws, but not without compromises.

  7. Nintendo offers vague answers on backward compatibility for “Switch 2”

    Reading the tea leaves on what could be a key feature for Nintendo's future.

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